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Meet Jen

Case Studies




My experience with Jen was life-altering — her insights helped me clarify what I want and then outline the steps to get it. I look back and see this amazing litany of accomplishments in just 3 months - wrote a play, revamped my finances, altered relationships -- they were all things that I had in me, but it took the coaching to bring them to fruition. It is mind-blowing to see what you can accomplish with the insights, support and encouragement of an experienced coach. –C.K.

You will learn from her, and love every minute of it. Jen is definitely one of the most competent and knowledgeable people I’ve ever worked with, and it was refreshing to know that whatever area I wanted help in, she would be able to tap into her deep reservoir of experience. Jen is personable, professional, creative and filled with
such positive energy. – Kim Weingarten

I would recommend Jen without hesitation to anyone striving
to make a change and looking for someone they can trust. Jen is generous, talented, and very smart, and the experience has been invaluable.

When I met Jen, I had been sorting through many career options with
an eye toward a big change. Jen's coaching helped me continue to sort through a slew of the pro's and con's of each and narrow them down to a manageable group that I could begin to investigate. This was no small feat because I had been working for two years on this and had got quite stuck.

I'd also begun a new business. My work with Jen went a long way toward empowering me in that relationship as I gained confidence in the questions I asked and the demands I made. She also made me realize that I am capable of going out on my own, without a partner, and this was quite a revelation.

Although speaking with friends or family has been essential in my attempts to see outside familiar patterns, friends and family always have blind spots. Jen is different enough in her approach to allow me to fill in the blanks, and she had an amazing ability to see through emotional issues blocking progress and identify opportunities objectively that you might not even see.

The coaching with Jen was unique in my experience because the sessions were really all about me. Jen was always 100% present, (remarkably) never suggested her own agenda, was focused on what I had to say, and was invested and caring. Jen was fantastic in her ability to respect my boundaries at the same time she helped me to stretch past them. - Annette Kramer

Before working with Jen, my goal of completing my first novel seemed far from a reality. But after one month of coaching I was able to establish a writing routine, create a more efficient writing environment, and for the first time in over a year, make serious progress with my book. Jen helped me set up realistic time lines, brainstorm tasks to strengthen my presence as a writer, and de-clutter the elements in my life that were holding me back from completing this life long goal. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jen and highly recommend her coaching services to those looking to follow their dreams.– Erin Butler

The coaching was a lot more structured and rigorous than I expected, with set tasks and thinking that went a lot deeper than I
would have guessed. I think there is a little bit of a pervasive - and maybe pernicious - subconscious cultural assumption that coaching is open-ended and self-introspective like therapy, and it definitely is not!
It is very goal-focused - not only in the small milestones or goals that are set every week, but in that the goal is to produce meaningful change.

I think people may be aware of what they need to do, but not how or why they must do it, and having an external agent like a coach to structure the process and require certain outputs really helps people
get moving - that was my experience!

Jen asked amazing questions without being interruptive, dismissive of my emotions or thoughts, or leading us in the wrong direction. She asked really tough and challenging questions without putting me on the defensive at all, which is a real skill! She also had a knack for getting to the heart of a problem, or to look past minor issues to the
real one. It is very impressive in practice but somewhat hard to explain!
Jen's empathy and kindness is also amazing and crucial to good coaching, I think. Her essential caring for the client and genuine wish that they get what they need and want animates the entire process.

I think that anyone in any stage of career or life can benefit from working with Jen. - Amanda Goltz

Coaching is for any one who feels blocked, stuck, or otherwise confused to the point of inaction. I found couching an invaluable tool
that just cannot be duplicated by self help books or therapy.

Coaching to me, is the stepping away from and looking strategically at ones own life with someone prepared to walk you through the parts of
it that often cause us to side step when we are traveling it alone.

You will get what you need out of coaching.

I was skeptical of the phone sessions because it seemed all too convenient, but found that's exactly what worked. I was able to keep all appointments by truly setting the time aside and investing in them as I would an office visit, but yet enjoying the comfort of a phone conversation that I could stay home for. Also it lent an anonymity that may have aided in the depths we reached during our sessions.

Jen’s insights were always dead on and her perception of "where I was at" in a process was uncanny, to the point of allowing me to trust her deeply enough to "let go" of the usual reservations I have when I am discussing "My Life" with someone else. Jen is so positive and pleasant that I looked forward to speaking with her each week as I would a friend, yet her professionalism was unparalleled to the point of again allowing me to develop the trust needed to accomplish so much.
- Lori Cabanas