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Meet Jen

Case Studies




are meant solely for illustration purposes -- to better convey the types of goals people pursue with personal coaching, the actions they take, and the types of results they experience. Names and identifying details have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Lost, age 27
Challenge: Lost was living in New York, fresh out of graduate school, when she sought out personal coaching to give her an edge during a time of transition. Her first challenge was finding a job that would capitalize on her new degree and jumpstart her career. Her second challenge involved deciding whether she wanted to stay in New York or move back to the Chicago area, where she had attended college. New York offered itself as a bigger city with potentially bigger opportunities, but back in Chicago she had so many more friends and a ready-made social life. The third challenge for Lost involved the fact that she was single and wanted to meet more people. She was trying to figure out which job and which city would accommodate the lifestyle she wanted. With all of these choices, Lost felt thoroughly lost in the middle of her own Bermuda Triangle. We affectionately referred to it as the Bermuda Triangle because three sides defined it – career, location, and relationships – and because it seemed a fitting way to describe the swirling thoughts and feelings surrounding the navigation of these three big life choices.

Action: With the support Lost gained during our weekly coaching sessions, she began to take the first action steps in navigating the triangle. She lined up interviews for new career positions in both Chicago and New York. And, over the next two months of traveling between the two cities, she not only started to get a sense of the type of career she wanted, but she got a clearer sense of which city she wanted to live in. The coaching provided her with a week-to-week structure – a means to focus on next steps in a chain of travel plans and decisions, and to help her, ultimately, find her internal compass.

Results following coaching: Lost decided to take a position in Chicago, and today, loves living there. After realizing how taking action to explore one side of the triangle led to some pretty big insights for her, she applied this concept when it came to meeting new people in a new city and has since started dating someone whom she describes as “making Chicago feel even more like home.”

Pulled, age 38
Challenge: Pulled came to coaching wanting to focus on her goal of getting her first book published in a series of children’s books she hoped to author. With the demands of work and two small children at home, Pulled felt pulled in so many different directions that she couldn’t find the time to eat and exercise the way she wanted, let alone find time in the day to commit pen to paper. It soon became clear to both of us that Pulled wanted more than a by-line; she wanted to put an end to feeling overwhelmed.

Action: Together, we devised a plan of action hand-tailored to the nuances of Pulled’s needs and aspirations…and the realities of her family members’ schedules. We addressed the very real challenges between Pulled’s day-in-and-day-out demands and her desire to reach her longer-term goals. This took some experimentation on Pulled’s part, and a commitment to let go of some of her old habits for new ones that more closely reflected the way she wanted to live. She referred to our regular coaching sessions as “the oasis” in her week – where she found the support to unwind, reflect, and focus on herself… unapologetically. During each coaching session, she shared what had worked well from the week prior; which actions hadn’t gone quite as planned; what she had learned; and what she wanted to work on next.

Results following coaching: Pulled exceeded her own expectations. After a big insight in which she discovered an exercise plan that didn’t bore her silly and accommodated her schedule, she lost four dress sizes! Newfound confidence permeated other areas of Pulled’s life, and she not only managed to finish writing her children’s book one month ahead of her goal date, but also found an interested illustrator and agent. Pulled acknowledges that the changes she made not only had a profound impact on her life, but on her family’s lives, too.

Impostress, age 52
Challenge: When Impostress first signed on for coaching, she had been out of the workforce for several years and was bothered by a feeling that she didn’t have closure. As she described it, she felt she hadn’t made her mark. However, she couldn’t decide if she was more intimidated at the prospect of returning to the corporate world, or more unsettled at the prospect of sitting on the sidelines. To add to this, she had always had this gnawing feeling that she wasn’t really the superstar her friends and colleagues would describe her to be, and that somehow she had gotten away with fooling them all these years. Impostress was feeling the pangs of what some have called The Imposter Syndrome.

Action: By taking on several exercises and actions over the course of our coaching engagement, Impostress realized she had an idea that was extraordinarily timely and had potential to make a tremendous impact on her industry. Invigorated by this insight, she slowly started to gain more confidence in her abilities and recognized an option she had never considered before – returning to her industry as an expert consultant.

Results following coaching: Impostress not only made waves in
her new role, she finally believed she deserved the credit she received. She is currently working on her next big project...and loving every minute of it!