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Find what you need to put your “someday” plans into real-time action. Personal coaching is a practical and productive resource designed to facilitate positive change – faster and easier than going it alone. Jen’s personal coaching program is instrumental if you have contemplated making a change for some time and…you are ready to make it happen.

  • Put an end to feeling overwhelmed.
  • Accomplish the significant stuff.
  • Get practical support with time and stress management.

The Larger Picture
During the course of a personal coaching program, you can work with Jen on one goal in particular or, if you prefer, you can work with her on several areas at once, including the following:

  • launch a new career
  • get organized
  • reach diet or fitness goals
  • open your own business
  • become published
  • complete a creative project
  • return to work
  • go back to school
  • relocate
  • move forward after a loss
  • pursue a passion
  • meet someone special

Jen helps you slow down, piece apart what can seem like a blur of demands and options, and come up with a strategy and systems attuned to your unique goals and individual makeup -- so you gain your personal edge.

To learn more…
Contact Jen directly. She welcomes working with you to custom-design a coaching program that addresses your needs and goals.


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