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Career coaching provides you with “a partner in the trenches” for one
of life’s more challenging transitions – figuring out and executing a career change.

  • Break into a new field
  • Advance in your industry
  • Land a competitive position
  • Return to the workforce
  • Strike out on your own
  • Manage new responsibility effectively
If you are motivated and serious about making a career change, coaching gets you there with increased speed, greater ease, and more gratifying results. Jen coaches executives and top-performers, as well
as young professionals and graduating students.

Navigating the process
Jen’s career coaching program is uniquely effective, because she doesn’t just help you figure out what you want… she literally helps you get there. One-on-one, confidential sessions and regular check-ins ensure you take action and get results. On a weekly basis, career coaching provides:

  1. a solid, step-by-step game plan to provide structure and focus
  2. tips, tools, and advice to implement the game plan
  3. smart solutions to tackle challenges that arise
  4. motivation to help you focus, reduce stress, and get organized
  5. confidence to make independent decisions and get what you really want
  6. accountability to stick with it and succeed
Jen assists you in devising an intelligent course of action that is distinctly tailored to your strengths and aspirations. Areas addressed may include (and are not limited to) the following:

  1. Figure out what you want and where to start
  2. Learn how to brand and position yourself
  3. Get your marketing materials in order (resume, cover letter, bio)
  4. Organize your search
  5. Make more connections
  6. Follow through consistently
  7. Land and conduct effective interviews
  8. Negotiate in your favor
  9. Synchronize professional success and personal fulfillment

A partner throughout
Each step of the way, Jen will motivate you to play bigger; provide energy when you feel low on it; point out your blind spots and tell you the truth no matter how unflattering; remind you of your strengths and what makes you unique; inject a sense of humor when one is badly needed; and be there on the sidelines to help you navigate from start
to finish.

Get started!
Each career coaching program is custom-designed with your needs, challenges, and goals in mind. Jen works with recent graduates as
well as seasoned professionals.

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