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If you have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, coaching is a constructive, compassionate, and effective support that empowers you to address practical issues in the here & now… and accomplish longer term personal goals.

During weekly one-on-one, confidential, custom-designed sessions, Jen partners with you. Coaching complements and supports other areas of AD/HD treatment. Clients find it particularly effective to work with Jen in conjunction with care from a physician and/or therapist. Hand-in-hand with medical and therapeutic treatment, the coaching partnership supports and cements positive change.

The Benefits
1) Get Support to Manage Everyday Tasks: With in-the-moment coaching, Jen helps you find your own practical approaches to everyday challenges (including: bill paying, cleaning, filing papers, laundry, dishes, getting sleep, and completing "to do" lists). You gain increased clarity, develop daily action plans, and stay on track. The result: You feel less overwhelmed and more "in control" at home and in the office.

2) Achieve Personal Goals: Perhaps you want to launch a new career, focus on a meaningful project, or reconnect with a loved one in a new way. With practical tools and resources, Jen helps you break down what can feel overwhelming into manageable steps that get the results you desire. You will find it easier to focus, make decisions, and take action. The benefit: You move beyond catch-up…so you can accomplish what is most meaningful to you.

3) Exercise: A key not only to physical health but to feeling good, too! With weekly check-ins, Jen helps you custom-design and maintain exercise practices that work for you. Discover newfound ease in sticking with treatment, diet, and health regimens. The payoff: You get a flood of "focus" and "feel good" energy that makes a significant difference in every aspect of your life.

4) Build Energy and Confidence: Jen helps you identify your strengths and leverage them to your advantage. Learn to shift your attention away from negative thoughts and energy-draining anxiety. Get a chance to acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments. The benefit: You enjoy a new level of self-confidence, feel great(!), and appreciate the results you create.

5) Feel Connected: Oftentimes it can feel like one more task to “have to” call a friend or send someone an e-mail. It can seem like an even bigger hurdle to re-connect after falling out of touch. Weekly coaching with Jen provides a touchstone of support that helps to combat isolation and fuel connections with friends, family, colleagues, and community. The result: You feel connected to those who matter to you most.

Start working with Jen
Jen works with adults with ADD and ADHD, as well as spouses of adults with AD/HD. She welcomes providing you with more information, answering your questions, and scheduling an appointment with you.

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